Small People

Small People

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Un-Embracing the Crazy

"Could you please try to embrace the non-crazy you for a while?"

That was the question posed to me by my dear sweet husband last night. It was a tough question to hear.

I'll admit it, for the past few days, I've unfortunately been completely wrapped up in my crazy side. The side that is stressed, irritable, edgy. You know, that side that we all have but hate to admit.

I can't even explain WHY I've been up in the crazy tree lately. My life is good, my kids are healthy and happy. There is no reason, but I'm there. Stuck there, it seems.

Homeschooling is just as chaotic as ever. Juggling the needs of all 5 of the small people, while still maintaining my sanity, appears to be just outside my grasp. Actually, I know in my head that after we get back into the routine, things will even out and run more smoothly.

So today, I plan to un-embrace the crazy. Try to live without the stress and edge that have characterized my last week or so.

To start, I'll share a couple of pics of Sassy from the past week. I love how she can make me laugh. She loves to make this monkey face where she puffs out her cheeks and pulls on her ears. She's definitely my little monkey!

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