Small People

Small People

Monday, February 18, 2013

Creating a Homeschool Schedule

About a month ago, I wrote about how important having a schedule is for me in my homeschool. So that leads to the question,

How do I create my schedule?

First I figure out which subjects I can combine my small people for.

Next I determine how much time I need to give each subject.

Finally I sit down with a blank spreadsheet and start fitting in all in like a jigsaw puzzle. I go ahead and fill in the things we all do together - Bible, history, breakfast, lunch, and read-aloud. Thankfully, other than those subjects, The Boy does most of his schoolwork independently, just coming to see me when he needs assistance. So his is easy to fill in. I make sure that I work with Sassy Pants early in the day so that, when I need her to go play quietly while I work with the other girls, she doesn't NEED my attention as much.

Book basket is an independent reading time for the older kids. I check books out from the library and add in others that we own that are about topics that we're studying. It's a perfect time for me to work on kindergarten, especially phonics, uninterrupted with Sassy since the older ones don't need me to help them with anything.

Independent work for The Boy:
At the beginning of every week, I print out his weekly assignment sheet. Everything except history and science is independent for him. He knows that he can come ask me questions any time he needs, but for the most part, he's pretty independent.

Independent work for the twins and Little Red:
I don't have room to do workboxes, so I've modified it into work folders. They each have their own color folders that are numbered.

Inside each folder, I put either an index card with their assignment written on it or a worksheet. Independent work includes:
  • daily devotion time
  • Spanish
  • handwriting
  • spelling
  • assigned independent reading (different from book basket time where they can choose what they read)
  • math facts practice
  • grammar review worksheets
  • journal writing 
  • vocabulary

I also like to give them some "fun" things intermixed with their academic.
  • 30 minutes of Wii or computer time
  • Practice soccer skills (for Soccer Girl) or ballet (for Little Red and Ballerina) for 30 minutes
  • Practice typing for 15 minutes (We have a cute typing tutor computer game)
  • Take Buddy (the dog) outside to play for 15 minutes
  • Do an activity with Sassy (which also helps to keep her entertained and not grow bored playing quietly all day)
They just go through the folders in order until either they complete them all or we reach the end of the school day (2:30pm). Anything not done will just be one of their first few folders the next day.
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