Small People

Small People

Monday, February 25, 2013


A couple years ago, I posted how I dealt with my nemesis - laundry. Since then, my small people are a couple years older, and they have been forced to become more responsible, which has changed my laundry routine a little.

Now each of the older 3 have a day in which they are responsible for laundry. Since Ballerina and Little Red share a room, Ballerina does laundry for both of them. Same with Soccer Girl and Sassy Pants - Soccer Girl does laundry for both of them. Sassy and Little Red both help with folding the clean clothes and putting them away.

Monday is Ballerina's day.
Wednesday is Soccer Girl's day.
Friday is The Boy's day.

The rest of the days I do laundry for Robb and myself, as well as towels, sheets, etc.

I'm loving the fact that the small people are old enough to help out more with household tasks. Eventually I plan to have them all helping so that I can sit around and eat bonbons all day. I mean, so that they will be self-sufficient when they leave home.

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