Small People

Small People

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mother Goose Ballet

Ballerina and Little Red dance in the company at the local ballet school. This spring's performance is Tales from Mother Goose.

  Ballerina is the spider for Little Miss Muffet; one of her best friends is Miss Muffet, so that worked out well. Little Red is Pat-a-Cake with one of her good friends.

There are no cameras allowed for performances, so I went for dress rehearsal to get some shots of them dancing. Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional photographer, nor do I play one on tv. These are my amateur shots so they might not be perfect, but they at least let us have record of these memories.


  1. Thanks for visiting!

    I think your photos are great! I love the theme of mother goose. Looks like a fabulous performance. What fun. :)


  2. Those are amazing shots, by the way, professional or not and they are and will be great memories. That's my main point when taking lots of pics.
    Thanks for visiting The Seaman Mom :)

  3. Great job taking pictures! I like that all the kids look like they are having fun!

  4. So cute. Love it. I grew up in ballet and have great memories (and pictures) from many recitals. Enjoy the moments and the kids will love the pictures later when they can't believe how cute they looked. (And your pictures are great!)


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