Small People

Small People

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey Mom! I'm Hungry!

**For those of you joining me from the AtoZ Challenge, welcome! I'm homeschooling through the alphabet.**

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks in between. My small people like to eat. Somehow they've become convinced that it's necessary for their survival. Who am I kidding? I like to eat.

C is for Cooking 

Homeschooling all day and then running small people to and from activities all afternoon can often mean we're just grabbing whatever we can at mealtimes. If I don't have a plan, that is.

Once upon a time (at the beginning of the school year), I had a plan. Then I started slacking off, which resulted in many more meals of fast food that we need to be eating. I'm going back to my plan because my wallet and waistline desperately need it. Not only that but I need to be setting much better eating habits for the small people.

A rotating menu for breakfast helps to assure that breakfast time doesn't become monotonous. Plus, if one child doesn't like eggs or oatmeal, they know that they'll get something different the next morning.
Monday:  Oatmeal
Tuesday: Pancakes/Waffles
Wednesday: Bagels/English muffins with peanut butter
Thursday: Cereal and fruit
Friday: Eggs
Saturday and Sunday: Cold cereal and poptarts (Yep, I know. Slacker mom!)

Because lunch falls in the middle of my homeschooling day, it needs to be something quick and easy. Sandwiches, wraps, or leftovers with a side of fresh fruits or veggies usually are the fare.
Most meals require prep time, and there usually isn't a lot of it by the time we get home from our activities. My crockpot has become my best friend for those days. There are so many good crockpot recipes available. One of my favorite cookbooks is Fix It and Forget It.

I can easily put something together in the morning and voila! something wonderful to eat that evening. Plus, my house smells yummy all day long! Some of my other simple to prepare meals can be found on my favorite recipes page.

Making out a weekly meal plan helps keep me from panicking each day, wondering what to fix. When I make out the plan and then use that to grocery shop, I know that I have everything I need to fix healthy meals for my family all week long.

Do you have a plan?
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