Small People

Small People

Friday, May 10, 2013

Answers - That's all I want

I'm at the end of my frustration tolerance. I spent a ridiculous amount of time at the doctor's office today to hear, "I just can't find anything wrong with you."

A little background: A little bit before Christmas, I started having some pain in the back of my neck, right below the bottom of my skull. I also could feel something like a tight muscle or a knotted muscle. It wasn't all the time and not too bad, so while it was annoying, it was tolerable.

Then about 6 weeks ago, I started having more and more pain. It would start in my neck and radiate up through my jaw into my forehead. I was (am) having almost constant headaches. No longer tolerable. So I made an appointment with my regular doctor. I saw him 2 weeks ago. He prodded and pressed and was able to create INTENSE pain in my head by pressing on my neck. He also did an ultrasound and found a small spot about 2 cm deep in my neck. So he referred me to a specialist.

Today was my appointment with the specialist. First, I waited for 2 hours in the waiting room. I waited while 6 different people, who came in after me, were called back before me. I'm not even counting the extra 30 minutes that I got there early so that I could fill out paperwork since it was my first time at this office.

Finally I get to see the doctor. I tell him what's been going on and hand him the note from my doctor telling what he found on the ultrasound. He lightly feels my neck and says, "I don't feel anything." He does a fiber-optic scan thing up my nose (which was truly horrible); again he finds nothing. That's all he kept repeating, "I just don't see anything that it could be."

I wanted to cry. Him not finding anything doesn't negate the fact that I have pain! I told him that I've been taking the pain reliever and nerve pain medicine that my doctor prescribed. I take them both before bed and wake up (usually) with very little pain in the morning, but that as the day goes on the pain gets worse until I can't stand it by the end of the day. I told him I can't take it during the day because I can't be "out of it" during the day with my small people.

He decided to prescribe me an antibiotic (I don't know why) and schedule a CT scan. So I go for the CT scan on Tuesday of next week. His office was going to call in the prescription for the antibiotic. That was at noon. At 2 I went to the pharmacy; they knew nothing about my prescription but said they hadn't been able to check their voicemail and to check back in an hour. I was out running errands about 6:30 this evening so I figured I would stop in - still no prescription. Apparently the doctor's office didn't call it in today.

If you made it this far, thanks for listening. If you're a praying person, please pray that I will get some answers (and some long-term relief) soon. Thanks!!
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