Small People

Small People

Monday, May 13, 2013

Funny Things Heard Today

Sassy Pants has kept me laughing this morning during school.

She and I do her kindergarten work at the kitchen table. Today she had to color and cut out pictures of words that end with "x". I give her the paper, we go over the words, and she starts coloring. I go in the living room to work with someone else. Then I hear from the kitchen, "My paper is wet. And I didn't spit on it!" I tell her, "It's okay. Just keep coloring." Her answer, "And I didn't lick it either."

Another fun thing about Sassy is that living with her is like living in a musical. She sings all the time. She makes up songs to go along with whatever she is working on at the time. This morning it was a song about cutting and gluing while she was finishing up her activity. It made me think back to when she had her eye injury, and she was singing a song about "the hanger in my eye" while we were in the ER. She's got such a spunky little spirit that many times, we just can't help but laugh when she's around.

What has made you laugh today?

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