Small People

Small People

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Alphabet Walk

The girls and I took an alphabet walk last week. Armed with my camera, we set out through the neighborhood to take pictures of items for each letter of the alphabet. Thankfully the morning was relatively mild weather-wise, so we didn't sweat to death. The girls and I took turns using the camera to capture each shot.

This was a lot of fun and was a good challenge for Sassy Pants who is learning to read. I think we may do this many more times this year, especially just Sassy and me. There are so many other places we can do alphabet walks. I definitely think we'll do another when we head to the beach later this summer. Also the local nature trails, state parks, etc., would be fun.

Here's what we found:
A - ant hill
B - bushes
C - car
D - dandelion
E - electrical box
F - flag
G - grass
H - house
I - insect (there's a little orange and black striped centipede in there)
J - junk
K - kiddie pool
L - lamppost
M - mailbox

N - number
O - orange car
P - Palmetto tree
Q - quiet
R - red mailbox
S - stop sign
T - truck
U - under (She was under the tree.)
V - violet (the color)
W - wall
X - x in sticks
Y - yard
Z - zip line
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