Small People

Small People

Friday, August 2, 2013


I've never had a TON of friends, just a handful of really close friends and several that I would call acquaintances more than friends. When my small people were all very small, maintaining friendships was difficult at best; impossible during the hardest times.

Recently, I've realized that I have been blessed with many good friends. The ones who I can be myself with, and not worry about being judged. The ones who I pray for and who I know pray for me.

There are the ones in my "real life" with whom I look forward to our times together, setting up "play dates", activities, and lunches for our small (and big) people so that we can have mom time together. I appreciate that I can text you and say, "Pray for me." with no other explanation, and I know that you WILL pray for me without needing to know anything else.

Then there are my "imaginary" friends. The friends who live inside my computer. The ones I've built relationships with through online forums where we share mutual interests. The ones I've gotten to know through stalking reading each other's blogs and talking together through the comments.

So today, I am thankful for my friends.
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