Small People

Small People

Saturday, November 23, 2013

On My Mind

I've been quiet here lately. Of course I've shared snippets of life via Wordless Wednesday and recipes via Food on Friday. But overall, I've been quiet.

It's not that I don't have thoughts to share. I do. They roll around in my brain all day long, every day. Maybe that's the problem. There are so many thoughts rolling around that they crash into each other, creating chaos in my brain. Yep, chaos. Utter craziness.

I've been struggling with watching my small people grow up. The Boy is now a teenager. While we do sometimes have to deal with teenage attitude, for the most part I'm really enjoying this phase of his life - except for the whole "he's growing up WAY too fast" part.

As the youngest of the small people, Sassy will always be my baby. But when I look at her, I realize she's no longer a baby. She's a little girl. She lost her first tooth a couple months ago and has a 2nd one about to fall out. She's reading really well now too. In just a few years (fewer than I want to think about), she'll be the only one left here when the others graduate and go off to school.

Speaking of years, this year is just flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was making out my list of goals for 2013. Now I'm getting ready to start my list for 2014, knowing that I didn't even get to most of the ones for this year. I don't know if I should be disappointed with myself for not meeting the goals, or just start looking forward to starting over. Although, now that I think about it, why do I have to wait until January 1st to start over? I can start new today. I can refocus my life - my brain - today. So that's where I am. Deciding that I need a new focus.
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