Small People

Small People

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Time to Breathe

I've got a few minutes this morning to breathe. The weeks leading up to Christmas seem to be more and more hectic each year.

This weekend is the annual Living Christmas Tree presentation at our church. Performances are Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening. As a member of the choir, usually I sing in it, but this year I ended up deciding that I couldn't do it. There are many good reasons why I came to that decision that I'm not comfortable sharing here, but it was a difficult decision to make. I love to sing; I love Christmas music. I love the Living Christmas Tree.

The children's choirs also sing in the presentation so the girls are singing. In fact, all 4 girls auditioned for the child solo for one of the songs. Soccer Girl was called back in the final 6 and then the final 3. She wasn't chosen for the solo, but one of her friends was so she's really happy for her.

The Boy works in the TV ministry for the church on the sound crew. He's helping run the sound board for all 3 performances.

I couldn't find any videos of the choir singing in the tree, but I did find the song that the "Little Quartet" did a couple of years ago. 

In addition to needing to have the small people at the church for the performances, we also had the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea Party this morning. Next weekend is the Nutcracker, and every year the ballet company puts on a tea party for the community the week before. The older dancers get in costume, and little girls can have their pictures taken with Clara, Sugar Plum Fairy, etc. Also the preparatory level girls (the ones too young for company) perform. Ballerina Girl was helping with one of the prep class's dance so she had to be there.

I left Ballerina at the Tea Party because Sassy Pants had a basketball game at 11, and Little Red had one at noon. Sassy's coach had her playing point guard, and she did a great job moving the ball around the court. Little Red almost didn't play this year. Last year I think she touched the ball twice the whole season. After today's game, I'm so glad that we convinced her to give it one more year. She got a couple of rebounds and shot 4 times. No basket today, but she came close. Pretty much - she touched the ball more in today's game than she did ALL last year.

I mentioned that next weekend is the Nutcracker. That means that after THIS weekend is over, we begin Theater Week. Rehearsals every evening in anticipation of the 4 performances. Ballerina is a Party Boy, Soldier, and Arabian Corps, and Little Red is a Mouse and a Gingersnap.

I'm hoping that after Nutcracker is over, I'll have more than just a few minutes to breathe. Maybe then, I can focus on Christmas. It's coming faster than I can handle!
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