Small People

Small People

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What Christmas Is All About

I'm sure this won't come as a shock to any of you, but tomorrow is Christmas. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving yesterday, and now it's time to stuff stockings. It's even harder to believe since the weather here has been unseasonably warm. It's really hard for me to get into the spirit of the season when it's not feeling like winter. Today it has finally started to cool down, so it's truly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

(These pics are from decorating the trees the day after Thanksgiving.)

In spite of not really feeling like it's Christmas time, I HAVE been spending some time thinking about Christmas. Sure I've thought about what we would eat for Christmas dinner and what I wanted to buy Robb and the small people, but it's more than that. I've been thinking about what Christmas is all about.

In today's society, any news more than 30 minutes old is old news, so I'm sure you've heard all about the billboards in New York, the ones put up by atheists declaring that "nobody" needs Christ during Christmas. This makes me so sad. You see, for me, Christmas is all about Christ. It's a celebration of the birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

It's not about Santa or an elf on a shelf. It's not about fancy meals, cookies, or candy. It's not about spending time with family. All of those things are nice, and I enjoy them all during the Christmas season.

I'm not perfect (far from it), so I'm not going to be all pious and say that every moment of every part of Christmas is spent reflecting on Jesus. We do try to incorporate Jesus as our reason for celebrating Christmas as much as possible. When we decorate the trees, the first ornament that goes on is a nail. This nail represents the nails that were driven into Jesus' hands as he was nailed to the cross. We go to church on Christmas Eve for a wonderful service where we sing about Jesus' birth and listen to the Christmas story from Luke.

I can't imagine Christmas without Christ.

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