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Small People

Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Reasons Why I'm Glad Christmas Break Is Over

Christmas has come and gone. We're almost a week into the new year. The small people and I took 2 1/2 weeks off for Christmas break. I don't know about the small people, but I thoroughly enjoyed having some time off to relax.

Today is our first day back after that break, and I have to say I'm grateful. In fact, here are 5 reasons why I'm glad Christmas Break is over.

5. It's too cold to be outside. Since it's too cold to be outside, that means the small people have had to play inside. That also means they've wanted to do more watching television, playing on the computer, and just sitting around. While the end of Christmas Break doesn't mean the end of cold weather, it does mean they'll have more to do now that they'll have school work to fill those hours indoors.

4. We get back to a normal schedule. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy staying up late and sleeping in as much as the next person, but returning to our routine makes me happy. I thrive on having a routine, and I've found that so do the small people. After just a couple of days of no routine at the beginning of the break, I noticed much more bickering and arguing among them as they wandered around aimlessly. Too often their search for something to do resulted in their annoying someone else. Now I don't expect there to be no sibling disagreements at all now that we've started back on our routine, but I know that they'll be much more busy with schoolwork and extra-curricular activities, which should result in far fewer disagreements.

3. My eating habits will improve. I snacked WAY too much over the break. Like the small people wandering around searching for something to do, there were far too many times I wandered into the kitchen looking for something to do and usually came out with some little goodie to snack on. I don't snack nearly as often during the school day.

2. I enjoy teaching the small people. I love helping my small people learn. I love sharing new concepts with them and watching the light bulb turn on. I love reading books aloud to them. (Yes, I know I can read aloud to them over the break. I don't know why but I don't. I guess we just consider it a break from everything "school-y".)

And the Number 1 reason why I'm glad Christmas Break is over:

1. We're this much closer to summer vacation. Today is the first day of the second half of our school year. That means we have just 90 school days left, including today. While, yes, summer vacation will mean lack of a schedule and more time for me to wander into the kitchen to snack, it also means warmer temperatures and spending time at the beach and the pool.

Is your Christmas Break over? 
How do you feel about it ending?

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