Small People

Small People

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Birthday Tea Party

Little Red's birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated with a party on Saturday. We're fortunate to have a little tea shop here in the Pee Dee region called Top Hat Special-Teas that has a party room, specially designed for tea parties. This was definitely perfect for my girly-girl.

Here's how they designed the PERFECT tea party.

When we first arrived, the girls got to dress up. They have many fancy dresses, including a wedding dress, and a special little changing room. Every little girl loves to play dress up, and what girl doesn't dream of being a bride.

While the girls played dress up, they also had their makeup done. Here's Little Red, all made up.
Next was the fashion show. First was an interview with Mrs. Laurie, and then they got to walk down the runway and strike a pose. She treated each girl like a princess, and the girls loved the attention. Little Red and most of her friends had the runway walk down, complete with all the sass needed to make a statement.

Now it was time for tea. Since no tea party is complete without ladies in fancy hats, the girls each chose hats from the myriad that were available.

Each table was set for 2 girls to share the goodies. The perfect tea party menu included:
  • finger sandwiches - ham and cheese and peanut butter and jelly
  • fruit
  • marshmallows dipped in chocolate
  • kiddie sushi (rice krispy treats wrapped with fruit rollups)
  • fudge
  • chocolate chip scones
  • strawberry Kool-aid served in beautiful tea cups

After tea, it was time to open presents and then have cake. When we arrived, they took the cupcakes we brought and set them up on their cupcake stand. It was a beautiful arrangement! Of course, the birthday girl found the perfect tiara to wear for blowing out the candles.

 The girls ended the party by playing Freeze Dance.

I have to say that this was one of the best birthday parties we've had for the small people. Aside from making the cupcakes, I had no work and no stress. If you're in the Pee Dee area, I highly recommend having your little girl's party at Top Hat Special-Teas. If the Pee Dee is a little too far away for you to travel for a party, then I hope you have a little tea shop nearby that offers parties that will make your little girl feel like a princess on her special day!

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