Small People

Small People

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bas Relief Sand Art

This year in history, the small people and I have been studying the time period from the Civil War to present. A couple weeks ago, we read about Armenia and how the Armenians were treated badly by the Ottoman Empire because they were Christians, not Muslims.

While we were reading about Armenia, we learned about Armenian khachkars. A khachkar is a bas relief cross carved in stone found all over Armenia, especially erected to mark events of historical importance, like the Armenian massacre by Abdulhamid the Red.

The small people made sand art designs of khachkars, using glue and colored sand on a picture of a khachkar.

First, Trace the lines of the picture with glue, a small section at a time. Work from the top to the bottom so the sand won't mix.

Then cover the glue with sand, shaking off the excess.

This is a great way to do a bas relief of any detailed picture.

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