Small People

Small People

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fly, Butterfly

Thank you for visiting me during the A to Z Challenge! I hope you'll join me throughout the month of April. I'll be exploring animal crafts with Sassy Pants for each letter of the alphabet. Not only that, but I'll be sharing with you some interesting facts about each animal. (Just to showcase what a nerdy homeschooling mama I am. LOL)

B is for Butterfly

My feelings for butterflies are completely different from my feelings for ants. I love to watch butterflies as they flutter around. Their bright colors are so cheery and calming!

Here are some interesting facts about butterflies:

  • There are about 24,000 species of butterflies.
  • Butterfly wings are transparent. The wings themselves are made of transparent chitin, covered by thousands of tiny scales which reflect light in different colors.
  • Butterflies live on an all-liquid diet. (I tried this once - it didn't last very long. LOL)
  • Butterflies taste with their feet. (I'm going to have to say, I realize they are designed differently than us and all, but this is gross.)
  • Butterflies drink from mud puddles. To supplement its diet of nectar, occasionally a butterfly will drink from mud puddles, which provide needed minerals and salt. (Again, this is pretty gross. I'm beginning to rethink my initial assessment of how wonderful butterflies are.)
  • Butterflies can't fly if they're cold. They can only fly if their body temperature is above 85 degrees.
Coffee Filter Butterfly
coffee filter
pipe cleaner
washable markers
spray bottle of water

Color the coffee filter using washable markers. (Designs like stripes and polka dots work well.)

Spritz water on the coffee filter using a spray bottle. I recommend placing a paper plate or something under the coffee filter because the colors will run.
Let coffee filter dry. Once the coffee filter is dry, bunch it up and place in clothespin to look like butterfly wings. Wrap pipe cleaner around top of clothespin to make antennae.
Do you do anything special to attract butterflies to your yard?

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