Small People

Small People

Monday, April 7, 2014


Thank you for visiting me during the A to Z Challenge! I hope you'll join me throughout the month of April. I'll be exploring animal crafts with Sassy Pants for each letter of the alphabet. Not only that, but I'll be sharing with you some interesting facts about each animal. (Just to showcase what a nerdy homeschooling mama I am. LOL)

F is for Frog

Although I usually avoid animals that are slimy feeling, I'm okay with frogs. Well, to a point. We've had a couple of frogs enter our house, and I usually call upon The Boy to catch and release them rather than have to handle them myself.

Here are some interesting facts about frogs:
  • There are over 6,000 species of frogs in the world.
  • Frog bones form a new ring every year while the frog is hibernating, similar to the rings on a tree.
  • The golden dart frog is the most poisonous frog on earth, and 1 gram of the toxin could kill up to 100,000 people.
  • A group of frogs is called an army.
  • The glass frog has translucent skin, through which you can see its internal organs, bones, and muscles.
Froggy Puppet
Paper bag
White card stock
Red card stock

Color paper bag green. Cut a strip of red card stock. Wrap strip around a pencil to curl.

Glue curled red strip under the flap of the paper bag for the tongue.

Cut semi-circles out of the white card stock, and add black dots for the eyes. Glue to the top of the paper bag.
Another fun but simple craft.

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