Small People

Small People

Friday, April 25, 2014


Thank you for visiting me during the A to Z Challenge! I hope you'll join me throughout the month of April. I'll be exploring animal crafts with Sassy Pants for each letter of the alphabet. Not only that, but I'll be sharing with you some interesting facts about each animal. (Just to showcase what a nerdy homeschooling mama I am. LOL)

V is for Vulture

We've had some vultures around here before. One was sitting in our front yard one day. Needless to say, I didn't go out there until well after it was gone.

Here are some interesting facts about vultures:
  • There is at least one type of vulture found on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. 
  • Vultures can find a dead animal from a mile or more away.
  • Vultures do not prey on healthy livestock.
  • Vultures urinate on their legs and feet to help cool off on hot days. It also helps kill parasites and bacteria they may have picked up from walking through carcasses. (This is pretty gross!)
  • Poisoning is the biggest threat to vultures.
I apologize but I do not have any pictures for this craft. I found the craft in the book Alphabet Art, but didn't have a chance to do it this week with Sassy. This week has been standardized testing for our homeschool group, and I am the testing coordinator. It's been a VERY long week, and trying to coordinate testing AND do crafts with Sassy proved to be difficult. Most days I just wanted to collapse in a heap after we got home from testing. I'll share the directions with you anyway, in case someone wants to try it. 

2 white paper plates (1 large, 1 small)
Toilet paper tube

To make the vulture's head, fold the small paper plate in half. Then cut in at the outside edge to make a beak. Use markers to draw eyes and nose. Draw claws on the toilet paper tube. To make the vulture's body, fold the large paper plate in half and staple it, leaving the top and bottom open. Slide the toilet paper tube into the bottom opening of the plate. Slide the small paper plate into the top opening for the head. Staple the head to the plate. Use markers to draw wings and feathers.

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