Small People

Small People

Friday, May 30, 2014

Relationship Advice for My Younger Self

Damyanti at Daily (w)rite posed the question What Relationship Advice Would You Give Your 16-Year-Old Self? on her blog. This got me thinking, What would I tell myself at age 16, now that I'm older and wiser?

Thinking back to who I was at age 16 - I was an awkward teenager. I was shy. I didn't have a boyfriend, and at that time, to me, that was devastating. It seemed like every other girl on the planet had a boyfriend. I obsessed about it.

I would love to tell me at that age, having a boyfriend (or not) wasn't that important. There are far more important things that being 16 should be about. Building friendships. Becoming confident in your own identity.

Another thing I wish I could tell my 16 year old self - Don't settle for dating Mr. Right Now just because he's there and seems interested. Don't begin a relationship for the sake of having a boyfriend. Establish for yourself characteristics that you want in your future husband, and look for those in the person you are thinking about beginning a relationship with.

Sadly, I'm sure that my 16 year old self probably wouldn't have listened to any of this advice. (It's probably all advice my mom gave me at the time any way LOL.) I'm trying to instill this in my own daughters, though. I'm hoping that they'll learn from my mistakes and won't have to make those mistakes themselves.

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