Small People

Small People

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

He's an Eagle!

Last week, The Boy had his Court of Honor ceremony to receive his Eagle Scout medal. He was the youngest scout awarded the Eagle during this Court of Honor and the 2nd youngest ever in the troop. He also was the first "grand-Eagle" for his scoutmaster; Robb also earned his Eagle under this scoutmaster.

The Boy's Eagle Scout project was to build player benches for the soccer fields where he plays. He came up with the design and did a great job leading in getting the wood cut and the benches built.

There were 4 boys who earned their Eagle for this Court of Honor so we all split up the work. One family got the cake, one decorated, one did the drinks, and I provided food. I didn't get any pictures of the cake before it was cut, but I did get pictures of the table decorations, which were absolutely perfect.

While the scoutmaster said something about each Eagle, he had a slide show playing of that boy's time in Boy Scouts. I was amazed at how young The Boy looked in the pictures from when he first joined, which was only 3 years ago.

I also wrote to several people requesting letters of congratulations. He has received letters from both former Presidents Bush, the governor of our state Nikki Haley, and leaders from the Air Force, Army, and FBI. I was able to get these without him knowing anything about them and surprised him with them that night.

There is a lot of work that goes into earning Eagle Scout, and I am extremely proud of him.

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