Small People

Small People

Monday, September 29, 2014

How to Get Your Child to Quit Sports

35 million children play organized sports every year. 70% of these kids will quit playing by age 13, never playing again. I have some tips if you want to help your child be part of that 70%.

Constantly yell instructions at your child while he is playing. Allowing him to make his own decisions during a game might lead to him making a mistake so you must instruct him every minute.

Badmouth the coach and other players in front of your child. The coach definitely doesn't know what he's doing, and most of your child's teammates don't belong on the team. It's even better if you do this while on the sidelines.

Analyze the game for your child on the way home afterward. Make sure you point out every mistake she made.

Get into fights with the referee, opposing coaches, and other parents while on the sideline. 

Fill all of his free time with extra training sessions, private lessons, and camps.

Contact the coach so much that he has to change his phone number. Repeatedly emailing the coach to complain is also recommended.

Do nothing to support your child. Never attend a game or competition. Bring her to games and practices late. Plan fun family activities during practice times.

I may or may not have been guilty of some of these. (Hanging head in shame.)

These tips are a compilation from friends across the country who have been coaches and parents of players of a variety of sports.

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