Small People

Small People

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yarn Art

After studying the United States, our geography study traveled to Mexico. Our first project was to do Yarn Art.

The Huichol Indians from the Pacific coast of Mexico use yarn and wax to create colorful drawings that, when completed, look like paintings. They use these as a form of recording and telling stories and myths. The Huichol use animals as central themes in their designs. They press the yarn into wax on a board to create these drawings, and then they fill in the spaces with yarn creating a bright, thick design.

We didn't use wax for ours; I thought glue would be less dangerous for my small people. LOL

The girls drew simple pictures on card stock with pencil. Then they squeezed glue on the lines of the drawings.

They then cut strands of yarn and placed them on the glue lines. It was like drawing with yarn.

After doing the outline with yarn, they filled in their picture with more yarn. They were supposed to put the strands as close together as possible, but they had their own ideas.

Here are their final products:

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