Small People

Small People

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Decorating in Spite of Myself

I am willing to admit that I have control-freak tendencies. Giving over control is difficult for me. This makes decorating for Christmas very interesting for my family. The small people joke that I am usually in my worst mood the day after Thanksgiving. I decided that this year I didn't want to be like that. I don't want the Christmas decorating memories that my small people have to be of me in a bad mood.

Our Clemson Tree
Usually the trees get put up, and then I start sorting the ornaments. Each of the small people put their own ornaments on the tree, so I sort those into their groups and put hangers on them. This year I started sorting the ornaments while the others were putting up the trees. This helped by keeping the small people occupied and not coming in to the dining room seventeen hundred times to see if I was done. I also let Soccer Girl come in to help me. She's the most like me organizationally and is extremely helpful.
The Entryway Tree
I also decided to scale back. About 30-50 ornaments were put back in a box to be put in the attic. Rather than stressing about how we were going to fit all of the ornaments on the trees, I realized that we don't need to have them ALL on the trees.
The tree in the front room - Yes, even the tilted angel isn't bothering me LOL
I think this was the first year I wasn't all stressed out and irritable trying to get the trees decorated. Of course, when the upstairs bathroom flooded later that evening, I was quite stressed out. LOL

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