Small People

Small People

Friday, January 9, 2015

Some Great Deals

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, you may be supporting my curriculum purchasing addiction. You've been warned. LOL And thank you for clicking through to purchase.

We've just passed Christmas, and if you're like I am, your pocketbook took a serious hit with gift buying. That doesn't mean I don't want to find new homeschooling resources, though. I've found some great deals, including several freebies to pass along to you.

The Independent Town - This elementary level economic unit is FREE through January 10. Your small person will try to build a town that's sustainable.

Math Mammoth CDs - Designed for ages 7-13 is 40% off through January 12.

Frozen Themed ABC Fun Pack - Get this ABC pack + a math fun pack for FREE through January 17.

Young Scientist Club Subscription - 25% off + Free Shipping + 1 extra month Free for a year subscription (through January 18). Like a magazine subscription, but you get a monthly science kit. Each month builds on the previous one.

Kindergarten & First Grade Printables - Just $13.99 through January 19. This consists of 9 instant downloads with 532 pages for kindergarten and 1st grade.

Clifford Science Club - A 6-month subscription for 50% off plus FREE shipping through January 19.

Write From History - Charlotte Mason based elementary writing curriculum for just $14.45, that's 35% off, through January 20.

Minecraft Math and Writing Units - Take advantage of your small person's love for minecraft while working on math and writing. You can get all 3 Minecraft units for a total of $4.99 through January 21.

Homeschool Visual Arts Program - Bring art to your homeschool with this digital magazine, video lessons and presentations for 60% off through January 30.

Snow Kids Color by Code - This fun way to practice adding and subtracting is FREE through January 31st.

Family Magazine Combo Offer - 12 issues of Parents magazine and 10 issues of Family Fun magazine for 25% off plus FREE shipping through January 31st.
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