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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ARTistic Pursuits Review

ARTistic Pursuits Review
I have absolutely NO artistic ability; I can barely draw a stick person. If my small people are going to get art instruction, it's going to have to be from an art curriculum like ARTistic Pursuits. We were given the opportunity to review Elementary 4-5, Book One: The Elements of Art and Composition
ARTistic Pursuits Review
ARTistics Pursuits provides art curriculum for homeschool for families and co-ops from preschool to high school. The focus is to teach observation. One of the first pages in the book is dedicated to teaching the student to really observe the world around them by knowing what to look for and to focus on one element at a time. 
The Elementary 4-5, Book One provides instruction in pencil, scratch-art, and markers. It also features American artists and their artwork for the student to learn more about. The price is $47.95 and it's recommended for ages 9 and up. It can be used by students who are at the beginner stage without prior knowledge of art terms.
I love how the book doesn't just teach "drawing." Each unit includes vocabulary, art appreciation and history, techniques, and application. Each section has a "Try It" or similar activity for students to put their new knowledge into practice.
  • The unit takes one topic and defines it in the vocabulary section with both text and illustrations. 
  • In the art appreciation section, a famous piece of art work shows how that topic is applied. This section also teaches about various artists and their time periods.
  • The technique section teaches how to use the materials and tools with detailed descriptions. 
  • The application section has students do a final project that incorporates all of the information they learned in the unit. It provides students with the assignment, list of materials needed, and ideas for what to refer to for inspiration (photos, still life, landscapes, etc.)
Soccer Girl enjoys art, so I thought she would be the perfect small person to use the ARTistic Pursuits book. She worked one section of a unit each day. The first lesson was on "Space" - utilizing all of the white space and turning the paper into the proper position (horizontal or vertical). This is something Soccer Girl struggles with. She does a great job sketching small items in small spaces but has difficulty making her sketches fill the page. 

An example of how she does great work on a small scale
I enjoyed watching her abilities improve as she went through the lessons. I can't wait to see how much improvement there is as she continues using ARTistic Pursuits.
Here she was trying to sketch the "Welcome" piece.
The final product

Soccer Girl's opinion:
"I liked using ARTistic Pursuits because it teaches you to use lines and space more. I found it difficult to make stuff bigger on paper. The vocabulary section helped me understand what to do. It was cool to learn about the artists' lives and what they did. The technique pages helped me to make my drawings more lifelike. I liked how they broke the steps down to make it easier to understand."

I mentioned earlier that ARTistic Pursuits has curriculum for preschool through high school. If you're like me and have little (or NO) art ability but want your small people to have art instruction, I highly recommend the ARTistic Pursuits curriculum. I know you'll find something for any age and ability.

ARTistic Pursuits Review
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