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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A+ Interactive Math Review

A+ Interactive Math Review
Math is one of those subjects that I truly believe you can never have too much practice in. One thing I've learned is that, even with the best math curriculum, my small people still sometimes need to close learning gaps in their math education. I was very excited to be able to review the Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan from A+ Interactive Math.
A+ Interactive Math Review
I received a 3-month subscription for Soccer Girl and Ballerina. This is an online program with scoring done as they complete the activities. 
The Adaptive Placement Tests with Individualized Lesson Plans first has you choose a grade level. Then it has a series of small tests for the students to take in various concepts at that grade level. For the 6th grade level that my girls were using, there are 16 concepts that are available to be tested on. These include:
  • Number line and number comparison
  • Positive and negative numbers
  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Exponents and scientific notation
  • Linear inequalities
  • Graphs
  • Geometry
  • Word problems
Once they've taken a placement test, they will be scored either "at grade level" or not. You can also go back and look at their test attempt details to see which problems were missed. If they are not at grade level, A+ Interactive Math provides lessons, interactive questions and answers, and worksheets for them to do so they can master those concepts. These lessons are broken down into sub-skills for each concept. For example, Exponents and Scientific Notation is broken down into the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Exponents
  • Basic Rules of Exponents
  • Laws of Exponents
  • Negative Exponents
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Cubes and Cube Roots
  • Simplifying Square Roots
  • Fractional Exponents
  • Simplifying Exponential Expressions
  • Evaluating Exponential Expressions
  • Powers of 10
  • Understanding Scientific Notation
Children can either take all of the placement tests at once or spread them out. We chose to spread them out, taking one test and then working on the corresponding lessons if they didn't have proficiency with that concept.

The lessons were presented as multimedia slides. You can choose to view them with the vocal information or just as text.

The interactive question and answer section is presented in multiple choice format. One of the few frustrations my girls had was having to wait for all of the answers to be presented before they could choose their answer. (I have impatient children who would love to rush through things.) I, on the other hand, liked that they had to learn to look at each choice, even if they thought they already knew the right answer.

Here's how it worked for us:
  • The girls would take a placement test on a concept. 
  • If they passed that placement test (scoring at grade level), they would go on to the next placement test.
  • If they didn't pass that placement test, that child and I would go through the test. We would see which questions were missed and determine which sub-skills they needed to do the lessons for.
  • The girls would watch the lessons for those sub-skills and complete the interactive questions and answers.
  • After they felt comfortable with the material from the lessons, they retook the placement test. If they passed that time, they moved on. If not, they redid the lessons.
One of the things I appreciated about this is that it really did help fill in some of the gaps in concepts that my girls needed more practice in. One of the twins struggles more with math than the other, so it was frustrating for her sometimes that she had to do more review while the other got to move ahead.

The Adaptive Placement Tests with Individualized Lesson Plans is offered as a 3-month subscription, so it's great for a short-term review period. I could definitely see this being a great tool for the summer months to keep my children's skills fresh and keep them from forgetting and having gaps when we start back at the beginning of a school year.

A+ Interactive Math Review
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