Small People

Small People

Friday, July 31, 2015

She's a Champion!

I mentioned before that we became a track and field family this year. When we first started track, I had no expectations for this season with it being our first season and all. I take that back, I had one expectation - that my girls would have a ton of fun.

Little did I expect that Little Red would become a state champion AND a regional champion in the 1500m race walk! Yes, she came in first place in both the state and regional meets. She even got to compete at the National Jr. Olympic meet and had the 5th fastest time (10 minutes 20 seconds) in the nation for her age group.

Race walking is much more difficult than people think. There are a lot of technical issues that racers have to follow or they can be disqualified. The knee has to be straight when you put your foot down and one foot has to be on the ground at all times. Little Red worked very hard at practices to get her technique right and to work on her speed and endurance.

(These pictures are from a meet earlier in the year, where all of the racers raced at the same time, but they were only competing against their own age and gender peers. She didn't want me to take pictures at the bigger meets because she was afraid it would make her nervous.)

Little Red, Soccer Girl, and Sassy all had 3 events that they practiced. Soccer Girl only competed in 2 of her events in most of the meets. She decided not to compete in the 400m since her knee really bothers her when she runs. Here are some highlights of their events from one of the meets. I have no pictures of Soccer Girl doing high jump since she was jumping at the same time that Sassy had javelin.

Sassy in the 400m:

 Little Red at high jump:

Sassy at long jump:

Sassy at javelin:

Soccer Girl at javelin:

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