Small People

Small People

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cross Country

I mentioned before that Little Red, Soccer Girl, and Sassy are running cross country this fall. They had their first meet a couple weeks ago. I have to say that I really enjoyed the cross country meet; it was much less hectic than the track meets from last summer.

All 3 girls ran a 3K for the meet. For state, though, Sassy will only have to run a 2K. All of them did a great job. I took pictures of them as they came to the finish line.

Little Red was having trouble breathing (and she was a little upset that Soccer Girl was 6 seconds ahead of her) so her finish was quite emotional.

As I said earlier, Sassy had to run a longer race than what she's been doing at practice, and she gave it all she had. She was exhausted after crossing the finish line.
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