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Thursday, November 12, 2015

GrapeVine Studies Review

Grapevine Studies Review

Having a strong understanding of the Bible is very important to me for our homeschool. In fact, one of the main reasons we homeschool is so that I can give my children a solid Christian education. Since I have a wide variety of ages at our house, finding a good Bible curriculum that is engaging for all of my children can be difficult. GrapeVine Studies offers their Birth of Jesus: Multi-Level, which is perfect for families who have children at multiple ages.

Grapevine Studies Review

For this review, we received

  • Birth of Jesus teacher book - a 50 page, downloadable PDF file
  • Birth of Jesus student book - a 40 page, downloadable PDF file
  • Birth of Jesus traceable book - a 40 page, downloadable PDF file
The premise behind GrapeVine Studies is to "Stick Figure Through the Bible." For each lesson, there are verses from the Bible to read. After reading the passage, the teacher summarizes the passage using stick figure drawings on a marker board. Then the students draw their own stick figures for that section on their student pages. Anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT an artist. I often joke that I can only draw stick people. This curriculum is perfect for me! I don't have to do elaborate pictures, just simple stick drawings, but my small people can still visualize the Bible passage that we read.

GrapeVine Studies has several levels to choose from. You can find out more details about each in Details About the Levels, but here's a basic overview:
  • Traceable - Pre-K, ages 3-5
  • Beginner - Pre-K to K, ages 5-7
  • Level 1 - 1st to 2nd grade, ages 6-8
  • Level 2 - 3rd to 4th grade, ages 8-10
  • Level 3 - 5th to 6th grade, ages 10-12
  • Level 4 - 7th to 8th grade, ages 12-14
If you aren't sure where to begin, GrapeVine also provides information on How to Choose? Where to Start? The Old Testament and New Testament overview studies are available by levels. GrapeVine also offers topical studies that are multi-level. Some of the topics offered include:
  • Joseph
  • Ruth
  • The Birth of Jesus
  • The Resurrection
As I said earlier, we reviewed The Birth of Jesus topical study. One of the first pages in the teacher book is the GrapeVine Statement of Faith. This is very important to me, since I want to make sure that any Bible curriculum I use to teach my girls lines up with our beliefs. 

Each lesson can be taught over the course of a week or as 1 lesson, and the teacher's guide provides a breakdown for schedule the lesson if you want to teach it over a 4-day week or at one time. If you were to use a GrapeVine Studies unit for teaching a co-op class, the class time breakdown would be very helpful.

The first lesson is a timeline overview of the unit. This was a great way for my girls to get an understanding of the order of events of Jesus' birth. 

The next four lessons provided more detail about the events on the timeline. In addition to the stick figuring for each lesson, there are also review questions and map activities to help reinforce the information taught.

For those with really small children or children who struggle with small motor skills, the traceable book is wonderful. It provides the stick drawings in a light line, so all the child has to do is trace over it with colored pencils.

My girls absolutely loved using the GrapeVine Studies curriculum. They enjoyed trying to enhance their stick figure drawings to make them better than mine were. 

You can learn more about GrapeVine Studies on social media:
Periscope: @GrapevineStudies

Grapevine Studies Review

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