Small People

Small People

Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Hardworking Girl

This past spring and summer, Little Red found her sport. She started racewalking as one of her events for track and field. She was the state champion and regional champion last summer.

Today she had the opportunity to compete in an hour long racewalking competition. Rather than a race to be the fastest for a specific distance, today's race was 60 minutes of racewalking to see how far they could get. This was her first multi-level race; she was the youngest one there at age 10 and the oldest racer was 66! Thankfully, they give out awards by age groups. She was the state and southeast regional gold medalist today for the 10 and under age group. (Of course it helped that she was the only one in that age group.)

The medals weren't what made me proud of her today. The fact that she raced today made me proud. At her national meet this summer, she was disqualified at the end of the race. It was devastating! Rather than giving up and deciding to never compete again, she's decided to work even harder to keep from having that happen again.

For the hour long walk today, racers were allowed to stop, take a break, and then resume walking if they needed to. They could also completely stop at any time during the hour and just get credit for the laps completed. Little Red NEVER stopped; she kept going for the whole hour, even though she was tired and her legs started to hurt. She managed to complete 18 1/2 laps - which equals 7435 meters or 4.62 miles! That's a pretty impressive walking time for a 10 year old!
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