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Small People

Monday, December 28, 2015

The 2016 Non-fiction Reading Challenge

Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader

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I'm planning to really get my reading for 2016 organized. In fact, I'm trying to get my whole life in 2016 organized. I'm planning to participate in a few reading challenges this year so that I

  1. branch out from the same old books that I always read.
  2. can keep a better record of what I'm reading, what I want to read, etc. 

Thanks to The Introverted Reader for hosting this reading challenge.

The Challenge:  Read any non-fiction book(s), adult or young adult.That's it. You can choose anything. Memoirs? Yes. History? Yes. Travel? Yes. You get the idea? Absolutely anything that is classified as non-fiction counts for this challenge. 

I always like levels in my challenges, so here are mine:

Dilettante--Read 1-5 non-fiction books

Explorer--Read 6-10 

Seeker--Read 11-15

Master--Read 16-20

This challenge will last from January 1 to December 31, 2016.

I'm signing up at the Dilettante level - to read between 1-5 non-fiction books. Hopefully I'll move up to the Explorer level as the year goes on.

1. The Inner World of Abraham Lincoln
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