Small People

Small People

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Menu Plan - Week of February 21

High school soccer has begun, which means that my evenings are much crazier. There's no way I can wait until dinnertime to figure out what we're having to eat. 

I'm hoping that by sharing my menu plan each week, I'll hold myself more accountable. 

Here's what's on our table this week:

Saturday - Barbecue ribs, baked potato salad, corn
Sunday - Leftovers or sandwiches (This is my day to rest.)
Monday - Tangy pulled pork sandwiches, french fries
Tuesday - Orange chicken pasta salad, rolls
Wednesday - Ravioli
Thursday - Creamy ranch chicken nachos, veggies
Friday - Spicy Dr. Pepper shredded pork on tortillas

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