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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Demme Learning Review

Over the past several years, I have spent untold hours (days, weeks, months) trying to find a math curriculum that will best work for my twins. Like most people, I consider math to be one of the key subjects that one must learn to be successful in life, so it's important to me that I provide my girls with the best math background that I can. I'm very excited that my girls are loving Demme Learning's Math-U-See Pre-Algebra and their new Digital Packs.

Demme Learning Math U See Review

For this review, we received one year of access to the Pre-Algebra digital pack. I purchased two Pre-Algebra student texts and test booklets to accompany the digital pack. (This way each of my girls have their own text.)

As implied by the name digital pack, every part of this is digital, available with online access through the Demme Learning site. The Pre-Algebra digital pack includes:
  • Instruction videos
  • Digital manipulatives
  • Lesson summaries in PDF form
  • Solutions to the student text pages in PDF form
  • Test solutions in PDF form
  • Worksheet generator
  • Access to additional downloadable Math-U-See resources
Demme Learning Math U See Review
The digital pack is accessible on any device you use to access the internet. The girls can watch their instruction videos on our laptop, the Kindle, or my phone. It also means I don't have to keep up with a set of DVDs, which is great because it never fails that I can never find the right DVD in our house when I need it. I like the fact that the girls can take the Kindle to their room, plug in their earbuds, and watch their lesson without disturbing the learning of the other people in our house. With DVDs, they have to use the television in the living room to watch, and that's right in the middle of where everyone is trying to get their schoolwork done.
Demme Learning Math U See Review
Another aspect of the digital pack that has me extremely happy is the access to digital manipulatives. The twins are 12, just a couple months shy of being teenagers. They have long since felt too old to use physical manipulatives. However, they are not too old to use the digital manipulatives to help figure out the answers. It's a whole lot "cooler" to manipulate the manipulatives on the Kindle or the laptop than to pull out actual blocks to figure out a math answer.

I cannot say enough positive things about Math-U-See Pre-Algebra and the digital packs. I've seen a major change in the attitude my twins have toward math since we started using it. I've also seen a huge change in the success level they are having when working on the lessons. I appreciate having access to the worksheet generator. If they need more practice on a concept than what is provided in the student texts, I can print up a worksheet for them.

Here's what one of my girls has to say about Math-U-See Pre-Algebra and the digital pack:

  • Ballerina - I like this math because it breaks it down into pieces that make it easier to understand. The teacher on the video explains the concepts in a way that I can comprehend better. Being able to watch the video on our Kindle allows me to get away from everyone to focus on the math lesson.  

We are now sold on Math-U-See and the digital packs for the twins' math. Thank goodness, Demme Learning's Math-U-See offers digital packs for all of their levels - from Primer up through Calculus.

You can learn more about Demme Learning and Math-U-See on social media:

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Demme Learning's Math-U-See Review

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