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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Talking Fingers Inc. Read, Write & Type Review

I've shared before how important I believe handwriting practice is in our homeschool. I also believe that, in today's digital society, it is equally important for my children to learn keyboarding skills. Sassy has been enjoying learning these skills using Read, Write & Type from Talking Fingers Inc.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

For this review, we received a one-year subscription to Read, Write & Type, an online program.

Talking Fingers Inc. Review

Read, Write & Type is an engaging animated computer program composed of 40 lessons and is designed for children ages 6 to 9. It literally works on all 3 aspects in its name - reading, writing, and typing. There are many activities for each area, so I'm just going to touch on a few.

This program has had Sassy working on phonics - beginning, middle, and ending sounds. She's shown a picture and has to type the letter for the correct sound. While Sassy is already a good reader, this is great practice, especially since she will have to complete a section in standardized testing that covers beginning, middle, and ending sounds.

There also are reading comprehension activities. For some activities, she's shown a picture and has to choose the correct corresponding sentence; for other activities, she's shown a sentence and has to choose the correct corresponding picture.

After a few activities, she gets to choose a story to read.

For writing practice, the program helps her to practice spelling. She's shown a picture while the computer says the name of the item in the picture. She has to type the word correctly.

There's also Email Tower, where Sassy gets to type her own stories and send them as pretend emails. She LOVES this! She feels quite proud of her ability to type her own emails there.

Throughout the program, as new letters and sounds are introduced, Sassy also learned where the letters are located on the keyboard and how to use her fingers correctly to type them.

For each level of the game, it introduced four letters/sounds at a time. She had to complete all of the activities for each letter/sound in order to complete the level. After completing a level, she earned a certificate, which has the option to be printed.

Because of the multi-sensory approach of Read, Write & Type, this program is great for students with learning disabilities. Although Sassy doesn't have a learning disability, my background is in working with students who do; in fact, I received my Masters in Education in Learning Disabilities. The information in the game is presented in both an auditory and a visual manner. For those children who struggle with writing because of the physical process of writing, being able to type is one of the best skills they can learn to help them succeed.

Sassy's Thoughts:
I like this game because it's fun. It helps me learn where to put my hands on the keyboard to type. It also helps me learn how to write emails.

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Talking Fingers Inc. Review

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