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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NotebookingPages.Com Review

I am always looking for new ways to see what my children have learned. While I believe that worksheets and tests have their merit, I also believe that there are so many more creative ways for them to share their knowledge. The Lifetime Membership from is a great way for my girls to enhance their learning in a creative way.

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

For this review, we received a lifetime membership to the website. A lifetime membership includes:

  • All current notebooking pages on the website
  • All future notebooking pages on the website
  • All of the notebooking and homeschooling tutorials, tips, and videos on the website
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the website
  • Use of the notebooking pages within your family or class

Debra Reed, owner and publisher of, is a homeschooling mom of ten children, ranging from toddlers to adults. Her personal experience homeschooling her own children using notebooking has given her a unique insight to create notebooking pages that are functional and fun for my girls in their studies.

Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

This summer, I wanted my girls to do more than sit in the house watching television and playing on the computer. was a great solution to keeping their minds engaged while allowing them freedom to choose what they were learning about.

For any of you who might not be familiar with the concept of notebooking, basically, it is allowing your child to show you what she's learned through sketches, illustrations, compiling new knowledge, creative writing, and more. Because notebooking allows my girls to share their knowledge in their own creative ways, they retain so much more than when they simply memorize a set of information to regurgitate on a test or worksheet. offers thousands of pages for a wide variety of topics and themes as well as a variety of designs for pages. For our summer learning, I let each girl choose what topic or person they wanted to learn about, and then we printed out the corresponding notebooking pages. After a trip to the library to choose books on their chosen topic, the girls had everything they needed.

For a couple of my girls, getting them to read anything nonfiction is usually like pulling teeth, but not this time. They had a purpose in their reading; they were excited to find fun new facts to share on their notebooking pages to show me what they had learned.

Of course each girl chose a different topic:

  • Sassy chose John James Audubon. In addition to the notebooking pages she could use to share what she learned about his life and his work, offers art prints for her to study along with picture study pages that have the name and date of the piece, a print of the artwork, and room for her to share what she wants to about the picture.
  • Little Red chose Theodore Roosevelt. The notebooking pages allowed her room to write and draw about what she learned about his life. She enjoyed studying about him so much that she asked to renew one of the books she had checked out so she could read it again. It thrilled me to see her reading something besides pre-teen "fluff" books and enjoying it!
  • Ballerina chose the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Each of the Seven Wonders had its own set of pages where she wrote down interesting facts, her impressions about each of the Wonders. These pages also had pictures of each of the Seven Wonders as well as places where she could illustrate or sketch if she chose to.
  • Soccer Girl chose the Great Depression as her topic. We used the Modern Times pages for her to record her thoughts and knowledge. These pages have places for her to write the topic; new vocabulary words; and major themes, people, places, and events; timeline events. There are also places where she could sketch or illustrate to go along with her topic. For example, she drew a map of the United Stated in one section labeled with information she learned as she read.
As you can see, there was something that would interest each of my girls. These are just a few of the MANY topics of notebooking pages available. I have so many plans for how we are going to use these during our school year when we start back in August. The Bible/Character pages will be a great supplement to our Bible curriculum. The Science/Nature pages will help me with the science class that I teach in our homeschool co-op. The Holiday pages will make for some fun studies throughout the year.

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Notebooking Pages Lifetime Membership Reviews

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