Small People

Small People

Friday, October 14, 2016

Five Minute Friday - Mail

I'm joining up at Five Minute Friday at Heading Home. Each week, she shares a prompt, and you write on that prompt for 5 minutes. This week's prompt is "Mail."


There used to be a time when I loved going out to check the mail. I'd see the mailman coming down the street, and I would get excited about what he would be putting in my mailbox that day. My mom and my grandmother would often send letters - actual letters!

Sadly, I no longer have that excitement when the mailman has come and gone. My mailbox is usually full of junk mail and bills nowadays. My mom and my grandmother both passed away a few years ago. 

I've often thought about starting the tradition of letter writing back up with my own children, even though they still live in my house. It won't be long before they are all out on their own. If I set up a routine to write a letter, that personal touch of writing it in my own hand, maybe it will mean as much to them as the letters I used to receive from my own mom meant to me. 

Everyone now is so dependent on technology - emails, texts, etc. - to communicate that I wonder if we are losing the importance of hand-writing letters.

Who would you love to get a handwritten letter from?


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