Small People

Small People

Friday, October 21, 2016

Five Minute Friday - Park

I'm joining up at Five Minute Friday over at Heading Home. Each week she shares a prompt, and you write on that prompt for 5 minutes. This week's prompt is "park."

Here I go:

When I first saw this week's prompt, I was stumped. What in the world would I write about? Then it hit me.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, our town was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew. Since we're about 70 miles inland, I don't think anyone expected the high velocity winds that we experienced. Add those winds to the supersaturated ground that we're still experiencing from last year's "Thousand Year Flood" and you have many trees that just couldn't hold their ground any more.

Our favorite park held one of those trees. This beautiful old oak tree sat at the side of the playground where my children used to play often when they were younger. During Hurricane Matthew, this tree fell, damaging the fence and playground equipment.

We pass by that park several times a week as I take my children to soccer practices, and it breaks my heart to see the park looking so bad right now. I know that eventually it will be fixed and back to "normal," but for right now, it's a sad sight.


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