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Small People

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

All Scripture Is...

I am joining in with some of my Review Crew friends in a Through the Alphabet series. My theme is Bible Verses Through the Alphabet.

This is the first week of the series, so this week's post is brought to you by the letter 
As I was thinking about which verse I would choose for the letter A, I couldn't find a better one than 2 Timothy 3:16-17. (Yes, I realize that is actually 2 verses, but they go together as a passage.)

Why did I choose Scripture for my theme? Because of this passage. All Scripture is profitable and divinely inspired. 

The word "inspired" is the Greek for "God-breathed." God breathed His Word into men who wrote it down to give us the Scriptures. How awesome is that!?!

I also love how profitable His Word is:
  • For doctrine - Teaching us truth, helping us to determine the difference between those ideas that are true and those that are false. How many people get sucked into false teachings because they don't God's Word? There is a lot of teaching out there that looks good, that looks like it might be the truth, and if we aren't knowledgeable in what is actually truth, we can be led astray.
  • For reproof - Telling us when we are wrong. When my thoughts, words, or actions (and usually all 3 go together) are wrong, I need to be reproved, shown that it doesn't line up with Scripture. This goes hand in hand with God's Word being profitable for doctrine because we can't know that we are wrong if we don't know the truth.
  • For correction - Showing how to fix what is wrong. Knowing that my thoughts, words, or actions are wrong does nothing for me if I don't also know how to make them right. If I'm heading the wrong way down a street and see the sign telling me that I'm going the wrong way, it will be foolish of me to continue to go that way. I need to correct the direction I am heading. The same holds true if my life is going down the wrong path (and it has many times); I need to look to God's Word to help me find the right path.
  • For instruction in righteousness - Teaching how to be like Christ. As a Christian, my goal, my aim, is to be as close to Christlike as I can be in my sinful humanity. So how do I know how to be like Christ? I study His life. I read God's Word to see how He instructs me to live.
God's Word can help me to be complete, which is what perfect means in this verse, and to be fully equipped to do the good things He has planned for me. Those good works won't get me to Heaven - only faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior can do that, but they are what God has for me to do as His follower. I would be a terrible follower of Jesus if I'm rude, mean, selfish, etc. God equips me to be the good person that a Christian should be through His Word. 

I encourage you to dig deeply into Scripture and ask yourself: What is God saying here? Is He teaching truth? Is He showing me where I'm wrong? Is He showing me how to fix something in my life? Is He showing me how to be more like Christ?

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