Small People

Small People

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Be Still

This week's Bible Verses Through the Alphabet is brought to you by the letter

I had planned to share this week's verse on Tuesday. The verse I'm sharing today wasn't even the original B verse I had planned.

However, life happened. Boy did it happen! It has seemed like every day this week my To-Do list has been at least 100 items long and the number of places I need to be is more than is physically possible for one person. All of this led to me choosing this week's verse - Psalm 46:10.

Like I said, this wasn't the verse I was planning to share this week, but in the midst of all of my craziness, these word kept coming back to me - Be Still.

Homeschooling 5 children, who are all in extracurricular activities, often makes my life crazy. Even if they didn't participate in extracurriculars, just the day-to-day of having children means I am chef, housekeeper, counselor, disciplinarian, social coordinator, etc.

With all of that going on, it's easy to become too busy to hear God, especially when He is speaking as a still, small voice. That voice can often be drowned out by the cacophony of noises in my life. It's so important that I take time - that I make time - to be still. To just soak in what God wants me to know, what He wants me to hear, what He wants me to focus on - what His Will is for me.

It is vital that I set aside time each day to be in God's Word and to pray. For me the best time is early in the morning before the rest of my family is up and about. That's one of the few times in my day that the house is quiet and still, allowing me to focus on being still and knowing God. (Ironically, as I'm trying to write this, I've had to stop about 57 times to answer questions, hold conversations, or just wait to be able to concentrate because of the noise in my house. 😉)

I look forward to my mornings. There was a time that I didn't. Too many mornings sleep won out over time with the Lord or my lack of organization and planning (or just plain laziness) from the day before made me feel like I needed to spend that time preparing for the day instead of spending time with God. Oh how wrong I was! There is NO better way to prepare for my day than spending time with Him.

I would love to say that every day that I begin in my Bible and in prayer goes super smoothly with no problems - the kids are all well behaved, everyone understands their lessons, etc., but that's not the case. There are still bumps in the road each day, but when I begin my day being still and listening to God through His Word and prayer, I can better handle the bumps when they occur.

When is the best time for you to be still?

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