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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daily Bible Jigsaw App Review

I love doing jigsaw puzzles. I know they aren't for everyone, but personally, I find them relaxing. Trying to figure out where each piece fits allows me to relax and focus on that instead of whatever might be going on in my "real" life. Unfortunately, due to space issues, I'm not able to work on physical puzzles very often. Since it might take me several days to complete one, I have to leave it out on a flat surface, and with homeschooling, there are very few flat surfaces that are available that aren't used for eating or schoolwork. Now, thanks to Planet 316, I can get a daily puzzle fix online with their Daily Bible Jigsaw.

Planet 316

For this review, I received the 500 Puzzle Coin Bundle for the Daily Bible Jigsaw game. Daily Bible Jigsaw is a free app that is available on iOS, Google Play, and Facebook. I have been getting my jigsaw puzzle fix through Facebook.

Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Each day, Daily Bible Jigsaw has a new puzzle to solve. If you miss a day, you can spend 3 puzzle coins each to complete any of the previous puzzles.

Once you click to begin a puzzle, all of the puzzle pieces are randomly scattered on the board. Some of them have to be rotated to go the right direction. After the first few puzzles, I came up with a strategy to move all of the frame pieces to one side of the board and all of the inner pieces to the other side. Once I have the frame complete, I then add to the middle. (It's the same way I work a physical jigsaw puzzle too.) The goal is to complete the puzzle in the fastest time possible. I like competition so it spurs me on to work fast to beat my friends since the game shows you the times for your friends who also play.

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

There are also some helpful "cheats" you can spend Puzzle Coins on to help get a better time. My favorites are Rotate, which automatically rotates all the pieces in the right direction for me, and Edges, which takes all of the inner pieces off of the board and leaves all of the edge pieces there until I complete the frame. Once the frame is completed, the inner pieces appear back on the board.

The other hints are

  • Guide - You can get a sneak peek at the completed puzzle to get a better idea of what the picture should look like.
  • Sweep - This pushes all of the unconnected pieces over to the side so they are out of the way until you need them.
  • Magnet - This connects 2 random pieces for you.

You can purchase Puzzle Coins, but you can also earn them by completing special moves. For example, when the Power Piece lights up, you can earn a Puzzle Coin by connecting it to another piece while it is still lit.

Once the puzzle is complete, a Bible verse appears. I love this because it is a little bit of inspiration to encourage me each day.

Planet 316 also offers other desktop and mobile games. Some of these include

  • King Solomon's Word Challenge
  • Super Bible Trivia
  • Charlie Church Mouse (available for several different age groups)
You can find out more about Planet 316 and Daily Bible Jigsaw on social media:

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Daily Bible Jigsaw {Planet 316 Reviews}

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