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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Digital Savvy Review

CompuScholar, Inc.

In today's digital world, having computer skills is a necessity. While my computer skills are decent, I know they aren't at a level where I feel comfortable teaching computer science to my children without having a good curriculum. The new Digital Savvy course from CompuScholar, Inc. provides excellent instruction in fundamental computing topics, making it much easier for this mama to feel confident that my girls will get the computer science knowledge that they need.

CompuScholar, Inc. Digital Savvy

For this review, we received online access for 2 students (Soccer Girl and Ballerina) to the self-study Digital Savvy course.

Soccer Girl and Ballerina have been steadily working through the lessons for Digital Savvy. I love the fact that it uses a multi-media approach to instruction. For each lesson, there is a lesson video as well as lesson text for those who learn best through written text. Each lesson also contains a quiz. Students are allowed 3 attempts for each quiz, so if they don't do well the first time through, they can watch the video or read the text again and retake the quiz. I appreciate this because it's important to me that my children master a concept before going on; I don't want them to just move on to the next topic if they didn't understand the previous one.

The Digital Savvy course is designed to be a full-year course, and there is plenty of material covered for it to last the full year. There are twenty-five chapters; most of them are made up of several smaller lessons and a project, although two of them are a mid-term project and a final project. The chapters cover:
  • Fundamentals of Computer Hardware
  • Fundamentals of Computer Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Files
  • Computer Maintenance and Trouble Shooting (I think I will definitely be learning this alongside my girls. LOL)
  • Computer Networks
  • Search Engines
  • Computer Security
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet Programs
  • Presentation Programs
  • Database Technology
  • Project Management and Teamwork
  • Digital Images
  • Internet Communications
  • Social Media
  • Creating Web Pages and Web Page Design
  • Web Links, Images, and Animation
  • Programming Concepts
  • Digital Logic
  • Careers and Professional Skills
You can see that it is quite a comprehensive computer course. It also lays a good foundation for some of the other courses offered by CompuScholar, Inc. such as Web Design and Java Programming.

One of the features that I like about the teacher side of Digital Savvy is that it allows me to easily see how my girls are doing on their quizzes for each lesson. When I sign in on my account, there is a link right on my home page to view the grade book. From there, I can see an overview of how both of them are doing, or I can choose to get a more detailed look at each individual girl's progress.

Ballerina's Thoughts:
I have learned a lot about how a computer works and the different parts of it, like software, hardware, hard drives, and memory. The videos are very helpful in explaining what the person is teaching. The quizzes are hard enough to be challenging, but easy enough that you don't have try to figure out what the question is asking. 

Soccer Girl's Thoughts:
I have learned how to understand the computer better. I like the videos because they explain things well.

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Digital Savvy, Web Design & Java Programming {CompuScholar,Inc Reviews}

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