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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CTC Math Review

While I love the math curriculum that my girls use, I always think there is no such thing as too much math practice for them. We have been using the math videos and lessons from CTCMath's Family Membership to help supplement our math curriculum. Homeschoolers can receive 60% off + 6 bonus months from now until November 15, 2017!


For this review, we received a one-year Family Membership subscription to CTCMath, an online math program.

I love that they offer a Family Membership because it means I can pay one price to have all of my girls use the program. They each have different needs, math-wise, and CTCMath allows them to individualize their instruction and practice. All of them are supposed to log in to CTCMath for a minimum of thirty minutes each school day to either work on concepts they are having difficulty with in their curriculum or to work through a CTCMath level.

Sassy is working a year ahead in her math curriculum (actually in MOST of her schoolwork). I like that, through using CTCMath, I can make sure that there are no gaps in her learning and that she can review any concepts she may be having difficulty with in her daily curriculum. In the 5th grade level, she has been able to review long multiplication involving numbers to the hundreds place, division with and without fractional remainders, Roman numerals, and positive and negative numbers. Having this additional practice has helped her grades on her math assignments.

Little Red is also working ahead of her grade level in math and is doing pre-algebra this year for her math curriculum. She started this year working on the Basic Math and Pre-Algebra level in CTCMath and quickly breezed through it. One of the things I most appreciate about homeschooling and about CTCMath is the ability to individualize instruction and allow my child to move at her own pace. She then went on to work on the next two CTCMath levels - Elementary Measurement and Elementary Geometry. These are great for her to use for review since she isn't doing a lot of this in her regular math curriculum.

The twins are using CTCMath a little differently than the other two girls. In our homeschool, we use a block schedule for high school, which means that they focus on four classes each semester, doing a full year's work in a semester. Neither of the twins are doing a math credit this fall since both of them opted to do their Algebra I credit in the spring. They are working through the Algebra I level in CTC math this fall so that they can become familiar with the concepts before they begin their curriculum in the spring.

One aspect of CTCMath that I especially value is the feedback that I receive as their mom/teacher. I can easily log in to see who has logged in that day and what lessons they've worked on. (I can also see who HASN'T logged in, which has resulted in some consequences for a couple of my darlings.) I can also see what their scores were on the lessons they've completed. I also have it set up to email me weekly reports as well as any awards and certificates my girls earn as they work on their lessons. The weekly reports are also available for me to access through my dashboard for up to three months.

From now until November 15, 2017, CTCMath is offering a free trial. I highly recommended giving it a try!

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