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Small People

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kid Niche Christian Books Review

One of the most important things I want to instill in my children is the desire to want to know God. Spending time in God's Word as well as in prayer each day is a critical aspect of our homeschool. It is my job as their mom to teach my children how to study their Bible and how to pray. A helpful resource for doing that is Weave Your Word in Me - Part 1, a prayer curriculum for upper elementary and tweens from Kid Niche Christian Books.


For this review, we received Weave Your Word in Me - Part 1. This prayer curriculum by Susan Case Bonner is a 72-page, loose-leaf book with accompanying answer key pages. These are hole punched so we could put them in a binder. We also received access to free enrichment activities on the website.

We begin our school days with time in the Bible, so Little Red and I have been working through Weave Your Word in Me together. This curriculum contains "36 Bible Lessons for Tweens Woven Within the Lord's Prayer" (taken from the front cover). What better way to learn how to pray than to study how the Lord taught us to pray? This study is based on the 9 verses of My Whole Self Before You, which is a rhythmical prayer that is modeled after the Lord's Prayer. This prayer is included in the curriculum along with a chart to show the comparison to the Lord's Prayer.

Weave Your Word in Me - Part 1 covers two major concepts - God the Father and God the Son. (What God Wants and God the Holy Spirit are covered in Part 2.) These two concepts are broken down into the following unit themes:
  • God is our heavenly Father who likes us to talk to Him through prayer.
  • God is pleased and honored when we treat Him with respect and come to him humbly.
  • God loves and cares for all people.
  • Jesus' birth, boyhood, baptism, and temptation
  • Jesus' ministry on earth
  • Jesus' betrayal, trial, death, resurrection, ascension, and return
  • Anyone who receives Jesus as God and Savior becomes God's child.
The study guide is fairly easy to follow so that Little Red could complete the lessons on her own. A scripture passage is given for her to read, and then she uses that passage to answer questions. Most of the questions are fill in the blank. Each lesson is usually 1 or 2 pages of questions. At the end of each lesson is a prayer for her to complete; it provides the structure and has blanks for her to fill in. She can then recite the prayer. While this may seem a little stilted and structured, I believe that it is providing a good basis for her to learn how to pray so that she will become comfortable enough to have meaningful conversations with God. On the side of each lesson is the portion of the My Whole Self Before You prayer that pertains to that lesson. She can check her answers with the answer key after she completes the lesson. 

In addition to the written curriculum, there are enrichment activities on the website that correspond to the lessons. These activities include things like information on stained glass windows as well as an activity about them, crossword puzzle on truth, and funny videos, as well as music and much more.

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