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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Reading Eggs Review

My children, like most children, love to spend time on the computer. When I can pair their love for computer games with my need for them to get an education, it's a win-win. I really do want them to enjoy reading since that is a skill that will take them far in life. Sassy has really enjoyed doing online reading and playing reading games using Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs*

For this review, we received a six month subscription to Reading Eggs, an online reading program. There are several levels available through the program:
  • Reading Eggs Junior for ages 2 to 4
  • Reading Eggs for ages 3 to 7
  • Reading Eggspress for ages 7 to 13
  • Mathseeds for ages 3 to 9
Sassy really enjoys getting to spend time each day using the Reading Eggspress program. She was a little old to start with Reading Eggs, but we've used that in the past and really enjoyed it. It was great for working on phonics skills and sight words.

In the Reading Eggspress program, she reads a book and then takes a quiz on what she read. There are also items where she is shown a book cover and has to make an inference on what type of book it is. In the dictionary section, she has to try to use a word correctly based on other words she had to look up in the dictionary. There are also sections where she has to answer 5W questions (who, what, where, and when), compare and contrast, cause and effect, and fill in the blanks.

She really likes going to the Stadium to play games on spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and usage. She has to race against computer people to choose the correct answer first. She's very competitive so anytime she has to compete to try to win, she works really hard.

She also likes to go to the Library. There she can choose "Find a Book" where she is given a large selection of types of stories that she can choose to read. Some of her favorite categories there include
  • Action Sports
  • Health and Understanding
  • US History
There is also a Mall where she goes to spend the eggs she collects through the games and activities. At the Mall, she can shop for items for her Reading Eggs house, avatar, and pet. She can also buy trading cards from any of the realms. 

Her favorite place to visit, though, is the Arcade. There she can spend her eggs she has collected to play video games. Her favorite game is Arpiculate, where she has to match a picture to its description. The picture is hidden, and one small section at a time is revealed until she can match what she thinks the picture is to the item from the list on the side of the screen.

I like being able to log in to my dashboard to see how she's doing in the different skills that she's working on through the games. For example, looking at the information below, I can see that I want her to work more on her inference skills. I also need to encourage her to read more nonfiction books.

At the dashboard, I also have access to Bonus Material, including Activity Sheets, a Parent User Guide, and Homeschool Guides for Kindergarten through 2nd grade. There are Activity Sheets to go with Reading Eggs levels, Reading Eggspress levels, and Mathseeds levels.

From now until November 30, 2017, they are offering a free 4 week trial! This will give you a chance to try the program out absolutely FREE for 4 weeks!

You can learn more about Reading Eggs on social media:

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Reading Eggs

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