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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thin Stix Creativity Pack Review

My girls love being creative - drawing, painting, basically any kind of crafting makes them happy. I don't mind the creativity (in fact, I encourage creativity), but I do mind when that creativity leaves a crafting mess in its wake. Anything that helps lessen the destructive mess that my girls "create" makes me happy, which is why I absolutely love the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Thin Stix Creativity Pack

For this review, we received Kwik Stix Thin Stix Solid Tempera Paint 24 pack. This set of 24 paint sticks comes in plastic packaging inside of a cardboard box. The plastic packaging has a notch for each paint stick so they don't get all jumbled inside the box. For those OCD types (like a couple of my girls), this makes it easy to keep the sticks in color order.

The 24 pack comes with 24 different colors - 12 classic, 6 neon, and 6 metalix.

The classic colors include white, yellow, orange, red, pink, lime green, green, royal blue, dark blue, purple, brown, and black.

The neon colors include orange, purple, lime green, blue, yellow, and pink. I love these and think that the colors look like highlighters.

The metalix colors include gold, silver, pink, green, blue, and purple. The colors for these have a shimmery, shiny quality that make them fun to use.

One of the best characteristics of the Thin Stix is exactly what it claims on the box - "Mess Free Creativity." These paint sticks look like markers, glide easily across whatever you are painting, and dry in 90 seconds. There's no need for paint brushes or cups of water that get knocked over all the time. Since the paint dries so quickly, there aren't papers laying all over my dining room table while their art projects spend all day drying. (Please tell me that mine isn't the only house where the dining room table becomes art central.)

Like I said earlier, my girls love to do art and craft projects, so when there is a choice of activities given for an assignment, usually the chosen project is an art project of some kind (unless I MAKE them write an essay - ha!). Ballerina had to complete an activity in response to a piece of literature, and she was so excited that we had just received the Thin Stix Creativity Pack so that she could use them for her project. She chose to create a poster illustrating a scene from the short story that she found meaningful.

Ballerina loved using the brown especially because she felt like it gave her the right look for wood. In fact, I will probably need to buy a new brown Thin Stix because she's used the one from the pack so much.

Sassy also used the Thin Stix Creativity Pack to decorate a sword she created out of paper plates. She used the metalix because they transformed her sword from simple paper plates to looking like metal. (Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the sword before it was destroyed.)

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