Small People

Small People

Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Reading Challenges

One of the things I want to do more of in 2019 is read. In addition to wanting to read more books for pleasure, I also want to stimulate my mind by reading more nonfiction as well as books in genres I don't typically read.

To help keep me focused on this goal, I'm participating in 2 reading challenges for 2019.

Modern Mrs. Darcy - This challenge will have me read 12 books in 10 categories (one category is to read 3 books by the same author).

  • One category that I know will push me is "A book outside my genre comfort zone." 
  • Another category is "A book in translation." Any suggestions on that one? It's not normally something I would read.
  • A third category is "A book recommended by someone with great taste." Obviously, I am taking recommendations from you all!
Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge - This one will be fun. For this one, I just read a book that has a title starting with each letter in the alphabet. (Well, for q, x, and z, the letter just has to be in the first word.)

I've even created a reading journal for this year where I've created pages to keep track of my challenge reading. I'm also planning to maintain a list of all the books I read this year. I have fallen in love with Erin Condren products this year, and I'm using one of those journals for my reading journal. The quote on the front was just perfect!

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