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Small People

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Word of the Year - FOCUS

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe that 2019 is here. In some ways, 2018 flew by, but in other ways, it was the longest year ever. Our family went through some really crazy things back in early 2018, and it truly feels like all of those things happened about 5 years ago. Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm extremely glad 2018 is over and am anxiously anticipating what 2019 holds.

Instead of resolutions, I'm doing a word for this year, like I have the past few years. My word for 2019 is 

Much thought and prayer has gone into choosing my word this year. And every time I would stop to think about what I want 2019 to be for me, FOCUS kept coming to my mind.
  • Focus on God - I want to continue to grow closer in my relationship with God through Bible study and prayer.
  • Focus on family - I want to make memories with each of my children and my husband. With Bobby now in college, reality has hit me that there isn't much time left with my children at home.
  • Focus on health - The events of the past year took their toll on me mentally and emotionally, and I chose to eat to deal with my stress. I gained more weight this past year than I am willing to admit. I want to focus on my physical health, my emotional health, and my mental health.
  • Focus on self - For a long time, I have been wife and mom, with most of the focus on being mom since there are so many children who call me that. 😂😂 This year, I want to get back to some of the interests I have, like reading and cross stitching. I'll be sharing books that I read here on the blog. I will also be sharing some of my cross stitch projects.
  • Focus on home - My house definitely needs some of my focus. I need to declutter and get rid of items that we no longer need or want. We also are planning to have some work done on the house this year, so I'll be focusing on that as well.
Did you choose a word for 2019? Did you write out goals or resolutions? I love to hear how others start their new year!
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