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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Drive Thru History® Review

If I had the money, I would love to take a road trip (Would a road trip where you have to fly to your destination be called a plane trip?) to the Holy Land. Of course, I would have to take Brailey with me as my traveling companion since she has such a love for the Bible. To be able to visit places we've read about in God's Word would be absolutely thrilling. Although this may probably never happen, we've been able to experience the next best thing during our review of Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation" from Drive Thru History®.

For this review, we received Acts to Revelation: The World of the First Christians. This is a set of 3 DVDs along with a discussion guide. Each DVD contains 6 episodes, each approximately 30 minutes long, for a total of 18 episodes.

The discussion guide is a 124-page, full-color, glossy page book located within the DVD case. For each episode, there is a Scripture quote, a summary of the episode, five discussion questions, suggested reading passages from the Bible that correspond to the episode, a "Side Road" section giving more information about something from the episode, and several full-color photos. The answers to the discussion questions are located in the back of the discussion guide.

The episodes begin with the events in the book of Acts and travel through the New Testament finishing up with the seven churches in Revelation and the end of the New Testament. In each episode, Dave Stotts travels to various locations in the Mediterranean region and talks about the people and events of the New Testament. It really helps bring the Bible to life and make it more than just stories in a book when you get to see the road to Gaza where Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch or travel the missionary routes taken by Paul and Barnabas.

Some of the episodes include:
  • Paul's First Missionary Journey - The Island of Cyprus - This episode takes us through the same journey that Paul and his companions took while on the island of Cyprus. Dave goes into St. Peter's Cave and shows us the main worship area as well as some of the tunnels leading to secret exits. He explains that these tunnels were needed due to the persecution that the church was experiencing.
  • A Road Trip to Athens - This episode explains why Paul had to go to Athens from Thessalonica due to persecution. We get to see Mars Hill and learn about why this was such an important location for the Greeks living in Athens during that time. We also get to see the ruins of the Parthenon. 

As I mentioned earlier, Brailey has a strong love for the Bible. In fact, she would one day like to be a museum curator at a Biblical museum. She thoroughly enjoyed sitting down to watch each episode. Occasionally some of the other girls joined her to watch; sometimes even while they were working on schoolwork. After watching each episode, Brailey and I would go through the discussion questions from the study guide. These always led to more discussion on what was covered in the episode, what locations were visited, what parts of the Bible they were discussing, etc. Our church has been studying Paul's missionary journeys in Sunday School for the past couple of months so this really allowed us to better comprehend what we had been studying.

Brailey's Thoughts:
This is a very informative and interesting series that delves deeply into the historical accuracy of the New Testament. I really appreciated the connections that are made between what is said in the New Testament and the discoveries that archaeologists have found in Turkey and Greece. One thing I found interesting was that for a small detail in Acts 15, where the leaders of Thessalonica are called politarchs, any actual evidence that this was what they were called wasn't found until 1980. Up until the tablet where this word was used was found, skeptics believed that this discredited the Bible.

Drive Thru History® offers other DVD series including Holy Land, Ancient Christianity and the Birth of Western Civilization, America: Columbus to the Constitution, and The Gospels: The Extraordinary Life of Jesus of Nazareth.

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Drive Thru History®

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