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Friday, March 8, 2019

Homeschool Complete Unit Studies Review

One of the perks of homeschooling that I love is the ability to choose what and how my children learn. Letting them dive into a topic that they are interested in makes learning more fun for both them and me. I was extremely excited when we had the opportunity to review one of the Unit Studies from Homeschool Complete.

For this review, we received the Olympics Complete Unit Study. This is a 136-page, loose leaf study that includes the lesson plans and student worksheets. This twelve-lesson study is for grades 3 through 6.

Anyone who knows my family knows that track and field is a HUGE part of our lives. At some point in the last 4 years, all 5 of my children have been involved with our city track club. Caelin and Brittany have both qualified for and competed in the USATF National Junior Olympic meet - Caelin for 4 years in racewalk and 2 years in javelin and Brittany for 2 years in racewalk. Caelin's life goal is to compete in the Olympics one day in the 50km racewalk. You can see how the Olympics unit study was the perfect fit for a unit study in our homeschool.

This unit study has very detailed lesson plans, which was thoroughly appreciated by this busy mama. It includes all of the major subjects (language arts, math, social studies, and science) as well as fine arts, physical education, character development, and Bible. There are also a variety of activities so that all learning styles are accommodated.

I also like that it includes a skills list broken down by subject area and a materials list so that I could go ahead and request the books we needed from the library and purchase the supplies we would need. There are also several printables to use throughout the study - a calendar, hundred chart-number line, spelling squares, 2 place value boards (hundreds/tens/ones and thousands/hundreds/tens/ones), base ten pieces, abbreviation memory cards, vocabulary bingo boards, and vocabulary flash cards.

Each lesson has the list of skills covered in that lesson, a list of materials needed, the lesson plans for each subject area in that lesson, and the student worksheets. Like I mentioned above, the lesson plans are extremely detailed so, as long as I had all of my materials gathered, I could literally pick up the lesson plans and teach without having to do any additional planning.

We really enjoyed reading the various books about the Olympics. I think my favorite was The Wildest Race Ever: The Story of the 1904 Olympic Marathon. I had never heard about this race, and some of the obstacles that the racers had to overcome were astonishing.

We also enjoyed the hands-on activities in this study. Brittany did a painting of the Olympic rings in the Pointillism style; learned about the quarter note, quarter rest, and half note and used those to clap various rhythms; designed a bobsleigh and bobsleigh track; and designed her own Olympic medals. One of the activities for Lesson 12 was to make paper airplanes to represent javelins and throw them. Since we actually own 2 javelins - one "real" javelin and one Finn Flyer which is a little smaller and has a plastic tip instead of a metal one, we decided to just practice throwing those.

One other assignment that we enjoyed was choosing a great track and field athlete and writing at least 2 paragraphs about his or her accomplishments. Brittany originally asked if she could write about herself to which I said no. 😄 Then she asked if she could write about Caelin, and I had veto that as well, although it did touch my mama's heart when she had some good arguments about why her sister qualifies as a great track and field athlete. At that point I gave her some of the suggested athletes from the study - Usain Bolt, Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph. She decided instead to write about the coach we use for racewalk - Ian Whatley. Ian is a good friend of ours who has competed internationally and has raced in several Olympic trials, placing as high as 5th.

Since this unit study is designed for 3rd to 6th grade, we found that many of the language arts and math skills were below Brittany's level, but she still enjoyed completing the worksheets. We just decided to have those supplement her actual language arts and math, which she still had to complete each day.

Homeschool Complete offers other Unit Studies, including
  • John Adams, grades 3-4
  • US Symbols, grades 2-3
  • Pioneers, grades 3-6
  • Christmas, grades K-6
  • Baseball, grades 4-6
They also offer year-long, all-inclusive curriculum for grades K through 4.

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