Small People

Small People

Monday, March 25, 2019

Read-Aloud: The Egg Tree

I'm joining many of my Crew friends in Blogging Through the Alphabet.

My theme for this trip through the alphabet is read-alouds. Some of my favorite memories from when my children were younger was read-aloud time. I loved snuggling up with them on the couch after lunch to devour a good book.

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E is for The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous

I didn't have any "E" chapter books for read-aloud, so this week's read-aloud is a picture book. 

This sweet book makes the perfect Easter-time read-aloud. Katy and Carl come across some painted eggs while on an egg hunt at their grandmother's house one Easter. They begin a new tradition of hanging them on an Egg Tree. 

This book is a Caldecott Medal winner.

Do you have any good E books to recommend? 

What books do you read for Easter?


  1. Cute! I have not read that book. I will have to look into it.

  2. That sounds cute...the cover reminds me of some Eastern European children's books I have collected.

  3. I wonder if that's why I am seeing more egg trees at Easter's the fault of this book? :)

  4. Sounds like a sweet book. I will have to look for it at the library.


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